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The wani was, of course, Toyotama hime in her true form.Toyotama hime was unable to forgive his betrayal, and was so ashamed that she fled back into the ocean and never saw Hoori or her son again.With the dragon god’s help, Hoori found the hook, but in the meantime, Hoori had fallen in love with Toyotama hime, the daughter of the dragon god.Hoori and Toyotama hime were married, and they lived together at the bottom of the sea for three years.Hoori became curious and sneaked a peak at his wife while she gave birth.He was shocked to see, instead of his wife, a huge wani cradling their newborn son.

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Wani play an important role in Japanese mythology, including in the mythological founding of Japan. Wani came to refer to sharks and other “sea monsters” that sailors and fishermen might encounter out at sea.

The sea was a dangerous and mysterious place, and sailors may have thought that sharks were the powerful serpents of legends.

Over time, the meaning of the word expanded to include to crocodiles as well as sharks, and then shifted to refer only to crocodiles.

There are kings and queens, princes and princess, courtesans, servants, and so on.

Ōwatatsumi, also known as Ryūjin, is the greatest of them. He controls the ebb and flow of the ocean using the tide jewels kanju and manju. Their stories almost certainly date back even further, into the mists of prehistory.

Although Toyotama hime abandoned her son, her sister Tamayori came to raise him in her absence.

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