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Turning back again, the visitor saw a monumental staircase that led up to three openings to a room whose roof was supported by two columns on the central cross-axis.

The oracular procedure, so well documented at Delphi, is unknown at Didyma and must be reconstructed on the basis of the temple's construction, but it appears that several features of Delphi were now adopted: a priestess and answers delivered in classical hexameters.

Dieser Wert wird dem Eigentümer in einem Einheitswertbescheid mitgeteilt, wobei er für mehrere Jahre gilt.

Tipp: Im Zweifelsfall sollten Sie sich für das Sachwertverfahren entscheiden.

Das Berufsbild Schlosser war damals ein angesehener und oft ausgeführter Berufsweg.

The annual festival held there under the auspices of Miletus was the Didymeia; it was made a Panhellenic festival in the beginning of the 2nd century BC.After his capture of Miletus in 334 BC, Alexander the Great reconsecrated the oracle but placed its administration of the oracle in the hands of the city, where the priest in charge was annually elected.