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There were also knowledgeable women – all of the other doctors were men – who were familiar with natural remedies and produced potions, salves, and tonics in their homes.

Then, during the outbreak of the plague, a new type of doctor was developed.

It can be, if the doctor is employed by a government agency (as in  veterans care, federal research, military medicine, and some forms  of socialized healthcare).

Many doctors are employed by private  hospitals, partnerships, or organizations, and are NOT civil  service employees.

During the 17th and 18th centuries, the idea that the air could be polluted became widespread and doctors sought to prevent "bad air," or the miasma, from getting to them.

Eye holes were fitted with glass pieces so doctors could still see, and the long noses on the mask were filled with drugs and aromatic herbs, including mint, camphor, cloves, straw, laudanum, rose pedals, and myrrh to filter the air.

The idea was to keep the physician's entire body covered.

The outer layer of the costume was made of goat leather and often coated in wax.

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Physicians were individuals who had received some sort of university training, while surgeons lacked a formal education and were therefore considered inferior.There's the Ophthalmology for Dogs, Boulevard Pet Hospital,  Veterinary Vision Animal Eye Specialists, All Animal Eye Care,  Veterinary Ophthalmology Services, Camp Lisa, and Veronique  Jotterand, MD.