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The defence budget represents about 12.14% while the total budget allocated to the Ministry of health represents 9.1% of the total budget.But, on the other hand, one can notice that education is getting an importance in a certain way because the budget allocated to education represents 25.45% of the total budget, an amount which is two folds of the defence budget.It is recognized as the national language by the Burundian Constitution of 2005.The budget allocated to the ministry of defence (only for the military, police is not included) in 2016 was 109, 850, 696, 189 BIF which is the equivalent of US , 357, 600 (as of the OANDA rates of 11/15/2016) and the total budget was 904, 737, 762, 618 BIF, the equivalent of US $ 530,054,000 (as of the OANDA rates of 11/15/2016).

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His predecessor, Cyprien Ntaryamira, another Hutu, died in a plane crash with his Rwandan counterpart, Juvenal Habyarimana, which ushered in a period of darkness in the two neighbouring countries.

For more detail see Ministry of Finance, Budget, and Privatization at the Republic of Burundi.