Chicago fire 2x06 online dating

31-Aug-2016 08:57

Everyone in the firehouse is ordered to take a drug test after a call to a daycare center exposes them to a makeshift meth lab, and Severide stalls, not wanting his injury, or the painkillers he takes, to be discovered.Boden is furious when he finds out his firefighters were caught in the middle of a gang turf war while out on a call.Elsewhere, Herrmann finds a business deal hard to stomach.Meanwhile, things get spicy between Dawson and Mills.Dawson and Shay's lives are left in jeopardy as they're involved in an ambulance crash.Eaten up by his guilt over Flaco’s death in the fire, Cruz goes to Casey to confess.Firehouse 51's customary Thanksgiving dinner is interrupted by a cooking mishap involving an exploded burnt turkey and then a highway multi-vehicle pile up.

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Meanwhile, Dawson invites Casey to her cousin's fancy Christmas party, and a frustrated Shay has reached her limit with Severide.

Casey is distracted by his issues with Detective Voight, which worries Dawson and Chief Boden.