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Physical Description of the Object: The arrowhead below is an excellent example of a Levanna arrowhead, it’s nearly equilateral in shape and has a concave base. Standard visual classification puts this Levanna arrowhead in the quartzite family; the rock’s small but visible specks classify it as metamorphic (not siltstone) and its dullness is similar to that of other samples (not chert or flint).It’s about an inch both ways and feels good in the hand, and probably better at the tip of an arrow. Each hunter takes their position, and uproots the grass in front of him. Then he takes a piece of flint (maybe even an arrowhead) and starts a fire, with the uprooted grass preventing it from running back (Kraft).

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Bows were around 57-62 inches in height, almost as tall as a man (Campisi and Hauptman).

It is much easier to hunt if you know where your prey will be.