Couchsurfing is not a dating website

26-Feb-2016 01:16

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Many members make their couch unavailable because of this, which then makes it even more difficult to host, more requests need to be sent, and so the snowball continues to grow.

I must make a disclaimer here: Couchsurfing is of course different in every country and city around the world.

And on my most recent trip it took me more than 20 requests just to find 1 couch in South East Europe!

Many of which were carefully chosen and personally written!

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People who see Couchsurfing as a way to find free accommodation, or worse, people who use it as a dating site. bad tipped and this caused even more of the good members to lose interest in the site.

Basically all the good members are leaving, and being replaced by people who have no idea what Couchsurfing is meant to be.

Because of this most hosts in big cities receive dozens of requests each week and of course can not host all of them, or even check their profiles and reply to them.

However as it grew some of the people behind it became corrupt and greedy, and believed Couchsurfing should be turned into a company.

This lead to many of the original volunteers leaving the project to start as well as many of the older and more active members leaving the site or becoming less active.

What image of Couchsurfing do you think this creates for them?

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