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31-Jan-2017 10:29

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In instances where women have reported such illegal and unwelcome behavior, there have been significant victories in the past decade or so. Rupan Bajaj filed a suit against him, despite the public opinion that she was blowing it out of proportion, along with the attempts by all the senior officials of the state to suppress the matter. b) The rules and regulations of government and public sector bodies relating to conduct and discipline should include rules prohibiting sexual harassment and provide for appropriate penalties in such rules against the offender. Chopra case, is the first case in which the Supreme Court applied the law laid down in Vishakas case5 and upheld the dismissal of a superior officer of the Delhi based Apparel Export Promotion Council who was found guilty of sexual harassment of a subordinate female employee at the place of work on the ground that it violated her fundamental right guaranteed by Article.21 of the Constitution.This web proxy server may allow you to access cam2in case it is blocked in your PC.

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