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Uji was another name used to designate patrilineal descent, but later merged with myōji around the same time.

Myōji was, simply, what a family chooses to call itself, as opposed to the sei granted by the emperor.

A Japanese person can distinguish a Japanese name from a Chinese name by looking at it.

Akie Tomozawa, author of "Japan's Hidden Bilinguals: The Languages of 'War Orphans' and Their Families After Repatriation From China," said that this was equivalent to how "Europeans can easily tell that the name 'Smith' is English and 'Schmidt' is German or 'Victor' is English or French and 'Vittorio' is Italian".

At the same time, names of western origin, written in kana, were becoming increasingly popular for naming of girls.

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While family names follow relatively consistent rules, given names are much more diverse in pronunciation and character usage.Molly Hakes, author of The Everything Conversational Japanese Book: Basic Instruction For Speaking This Fascinating Language In Any Setting, said that this may have to do with using hiragana out of cultural pride, since hiragana is Japan's indigenous writing form, or out of not assigning a meaning to a girl's name so that others do not have a particular expectation of her.

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