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10-Oct-2016 12:16

There are constant reminders of the fairy tale marriage and children, so do not fall into the trap of self-pity.

Do not think about the relationships you do not have, but instead be thankful for the loving people you do have in your life.

Are you eating because you are bored, lonely, happy, or just simply eating because it is your favorite thing to do? Do not overspend and do not put so much on your credit card that you are working the rest of the year to pay it off.

What is the void you are trying to fill by eating the entire sweet potato pie? Again you have to look at what is the emotion behind you wanting a new pair of shoes.

We’ll give you the links to each idea, so you can check out the blogger’s pictures and designs in detail. Here’s some inspiration for creative, clever and out-of-the-box – Use fun, bright licorice strings to create a ramp into this trap.

Now that you’ve made your trap, you’ll need something irresistible to entice the leprechauns to fall into your snare!

” This season can be especially difficult for single girls, who desperately want a relationship.

Check out our great ideas for– I want a leprechaun to leave me some of this delicious green mint chocolate!

When leprechauns visit, they love to pull pranks and tricks. From green bath water to green hair, here are some hilarious ideas for The leprechauns might try to trick you, by putting mint Oreos in a regular Oreo package!

The holiday season has been misinterpreted as the season for materialism; when in fact, it is meant for the exact opposite.

It is the time of the year for gratitude, giving, and love.

Remember although things could be better, things could also be worse.