Uk mobile phone numbers talk dirty

17-Mar-2016 21:25

These towns always have a mixture of six and five digit local numbers, each type allocated in specific DE blocks; e.g.

in the 01647 area code numbers beginning 24xxx and 61xxx have five digits whereas all other DE blocks within that area code are allocated as six digit numbers.

This leads to a restriction as to which initial digits can be used for subscriber numbers within those four-digit area codes, e.g.

This is the geographic number format for the second round of large cities and towns moved to brand-new three-digit area codes.For some additional information, specifically about actual costs please have a quick look below: Usually numbers beginning with 084 or 087 are general service numbers for contacting businesses or organisations.If a number begins with 09 then they are usually ‘premium rate’ service numbers; whilst those beginning with 118 are directory enquiry numbers.Just short of 581 areas use this format, and the area codes range from 01200 to 01998.

A small number of these areas also have a few subscriber numbers that have only five digits (see next section).The overall structure of the UK's National Numbering Plan is: In the United Kingdom, area codes are two, three, four, or, rarely, five digits long (after the initial zero).

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