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21-May-2016 22:47

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The more he tries to maintain a sex-free lifestyle, the more he thinks about this man.His feelings for the man is complicated when it it revealed to Jeffrey that the man is HIV .Thug Burrell, who previously shot and killed his girlfriend, left his victim in a coma for more than two years before Mr Sheehan died last Thursday.In the attack Mr Sheehan, who walked with a stick, was dragged barefoot and without his glasses into the street before being attacked.Jeffrey is a gay man in New York City who suddenly decides to stop having sex.His plan goes well until he meets a gorgeous man in the gym that he can't stop thinking about.

See full summary » In the palm-shaded oasis of West Hollywood, we meet Dennis, a promising photographer.

It's as smart as an ironic romantic comedy can be and as funny as a movie about life can be.